Thursday, May 17, 2007

Annotations 9

"Talking About Sex Education: New Generation Of Parents Still Tongue-Tied About Sex". John Richardson. Maine Telegram. May 14,1995. Pp. 1C+. May 7, 1995.

This article starts off by discussing how relatives were the way people normally find out what sex is and how they learn about it. Parents find this hard to do, though. This article is basically saying that because of this, teens have no choice but to turn to other places, mainly school, for this information. The majorities of polls done in 1993's national survey show us that teens between 12 and 17 learn from media, school, and other teens before they hear from their parents. There are good arguments as to why the school is good for the educational purposes of sex. There are also strong arguments towards school not being an appropriate place to learn because they are failing to do their job, before they even start. There are arguments towards the importance of marriage as well as abstinence. It is strongly argued throughout this entire article that school replaces the gap that parents and other figures and role models make when they don't talk to their teens about sex.

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