Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotations 2

Kantz, Matt. "Abstinence Gets Federal Funding". National Catholic Reporters. Kansas City: Feb 27, 2004. Vol. 40, Iss. 17; pg.9, 1pgs.


This document is about polls that were done to determine what the public thinks about abstinence education. It gave a lot of statistics and percentages. There were two surveys done. The first survey was for parents of teens. Focus on the Family 1,004 parents and found that a very high majority of the parents thought that teens should be talk about sex and marriage better. It even talked about the margin of error in their survey. The second survey was about adults and their beliefs in whether schools should have abstinence classes. They found a lower percentage here. There were no majorities found in the second survey that would promote the classes in school. The second survey was done by another called the Kaiser Family Foundation. The margin of error was higher on this report, but there were more people surveyed in the second one. Overall, the polls show that the majority of parents think teaching about abstinence, love, intimacy, commitment, and marriage is important.

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