Friday, April 20, 2007

Annotations form1 (4/20/07)

"Teen life Q & A".
In this article, it is a thouroughly researched answer to a very controversial topic for a teenage girl. The question she was wondering about was whether oral sex means that you are not a virgin any more. The author of the article gave a thourough answer which gave an honest opinion, but left it open for the concerned teen to decide for herself. The author gave examples and comparisons like, how can you tell which is purer?; the girl who has oral sex every day or the girl who has sexual intercourse once a week? The author also described their own view on it and personal knowledge. The author discussed how he/she grew up a Protestant Christian and how any sexual act or even lust for it was wrong. They also gave an example from the Bible to support this claim. At the end the author left it up to the teenage girl to make her decisions by herself, by saying that it wasn't his place to tell her what ot do. He said that ultimately it was between her and God. He left it at that.

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