Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotations 7

"Where AIDS Galloped, Lessons in Applying the Reins". Dugger, Celia W. New York Times. May 18, 2006. P. A4. http://sks.sirs.com/cgi-bin/hst-article-display?id=SMN0059-0-8930&artno=0000248471&t.

This article starts out by explaining the current issues of HIV and AIDS and the expenses and numbers and percentages in Africa. But, as the article goes on it compares them to the United States. This article highlights the age limits a little more. Under standards here in America, schools can fund programs that educate students 14 and younger. Condom education is not added until 15 years old. This article is also showing that condoms are being less emphasized now than abstinence as a topic of safer health. And because of this, African studies are made better through ours and more effective.

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